A Warm Welcome

Nothing says “Welcome to our Home” like a wreath. A well designed, seasonal wreath can be eye candy on the front of your house. Here are a few tips on choosing a wreath:

  • Rule number one! Place your wreath on the outside door – if you have a storm door don’t sandwich it between doors – it will just get squashed. If weather is a problem, make sure the wreath will hold up for at least one season. Designer tip: spray with silicon or Krylon Clear Matte Finish (available at WalMart) for water resistance.
  • Use colors that contrast or compliment the color of your door. A wreath can be a unifying element. You may have siding or bricks in an unflattering color, for an inexpensive fix, paint doors and trim in a complimentary color, then place a really full, even oversize wreath on the door the focus will be on the wreath that pulls all your colors together
  • A common mistake is to choose a wreath that is to dark . It will disappear on the door. Choose colors that compliment or contrast in light and bright shades.
  • Don’t limit your choice to a wreath, doorbaskets and swags are wonderful alternatives to a wreath. For example. a door with an intricate leaded glass panel is going to look fabulous crowned with a swag, a doorbasket can be hung on any door with a half glass panel for instant impact.

Finally, remember scale. Designer Tip: Large is always better than too small.

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