Love your Lamps!

Light up your life! Lamp and florals are the finishing touches for your room – they are the elements that pull everything together and establish ambiance.

ambiance also ambience ( ) n. The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment: ‘The noir ambience is dominated by low-key lighting.

Lighting is key when it comes to setting a mood you want in a room. Table and floor lamps are an excellent way to add to your home’s ambiance simply and inexpensively. Following are 3 quick Designers Tips on how to use lighting:

Lighting should be functional, it can be an accent, a focal point, or provide a lovely ambient glow, but it should illuminate what you need it to. IE: a reading lamp should be bright enough and at the correct height to read your newspaper or Kindle.

Think of lamps as jewelery for your furniture. You can find lamps to go with any decorating style (matchy-matchy) but think outside of the box . Wouldn’t it be tempting to flank a pair heavenly Bunny Lamps with scrumptious silk fringed shades on a very formal mantle to add a touch of fun to a heavy room?

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of lamps. Just mix up the size and scale. Probably not a good idea to buy those sets that all match (floor, table and accent lamp that can be purchased in one box all having the exact same lampshade). I don’t think the shades have to match or have similar trim – this is not the unifying element in your room – it’s the bling!

Have fun with your lighting – it’s the opportunity to find an outrageous chandelier and hang it over your bathtub, an adorable floor lamp for your huband’s man cave, a ski lamp for your chalet, seashell lamp for your cottage……love your lamps!

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