Transform your Yard into a Secret Garden….

Just as love is more than hugs and kisses, a garden is more than plants and grass.

We all remember the enchanting tale of the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The story of how poor orphaned Mary Lennox, her cousin, Colin, a bedridden boy as petulant and disagreeable as Mary used to be and Dickon who spoke to all wild animals and plants transformed a neglected garden hidden by walls.

The story ends when Mr. Craven (Colin’s father) has been traveling through Europe, but is inspired to rush home after hearing the voice of his dead wife in a dream and receiving a letter from Mrs. Sowerby (Martha’s and Dickon’s mother, who also knows the secret) telling him, “I think your lady would ask you to come if she was here.” He arrives while the children are outdoors and finds himself drawn toward the secret garden. As he approaches nearer, he is astonished to hear their voices inside the walls; Colin bursts out of the garden door toward him, actually winning a footrace against Mary and Dickon. The story’s heartwarming ending has Colin able to walk, Archibald smiling again, Mary has a family and friends who love her and the garden has been brought back to life.

I know this book inspired me to build garden rooms, always having a secret spot hidden from the rest.

Add instant magic to your yard with this peeled willow arbor. The classic lattice design will add depth and focal point to your garden. I would place it where it could frame a view or act as a doorway. Any quick growing vine such as blackeyed susan vine, sweet peas or morning glories would be heavenly!

Dimensions: 42″ x 20″ x 91″. Available for $149 at our shop in Ellicottville, NY

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