5 Quick Trellis Tips

We’re so excited with the new willow trellis panels just in from California.

The panels are a generous 35″ x 71″

Each trellis is crafted of specially grown willow that is farmed and harvested on a massive scale. Each willow trellis is uniquely handcrafted and presents an organic look for the garden.

Here are 5 quick tips for using the panels:

1. As a screen for privacy or to hide an unsightly area (think garbage cans & nosy neighbors).

2. To decorate a blank wall. Just attach to trellis to wall and plant quick growing annual vines for almost instant interest! Scarlet Runner Beans, Morning Glories, Sweet Peas and Nasturtium are good choices.

3. Grow vertical veggies. This type of trellis (as opposed to the teepee kind) is especially well suited for sugar or snap peas, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, summer squash and gourds. They are easier to pick at eye height and work well in small space gardens.

4. Indoor room divider. One or more panels will divide a large space without closing it in.

5. Indoor wall decoration. Just hang on a blank wall for instant interest or layer with small pictures, a wreath or place a window box planted with ivy at the base and watch your indoor space become green!

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