What a Fragrance…

Don’t you love to walk into a room and be enveloped in a fresh fragrance.  At Tangled Twigs we try to help you with this sensation.  Currently we are carrying 15 hour votive candles and potpourri in the scent of orange/vanilla.  This chunky potpourri mixture is a beautiful blend of orange slices, cinnamon sticks and […]

Summertime in Ellicottville

When you think of western New York, snow and cold probably come to mind.  Those of us who live in Ellicottville will let you in on a secret…summertime is wonderful!!  The mountains are lush and green and the sun shines.  Whether you are longing for a quiet getaway, feeling like a day trip or planning […]

Butterflies are free!!!

adorable bracelet, attractively priced, hot summer accessory

What Time Is It?

We all need to know the time of day. Why not make your timepiece a conversation piece.