How to beat the Christmas Bleahs

use warm tones of coral and toast to beat the winter Bleahs

Tiny Purses for big and little girls

Purses that are the correct scale for an 18 inch doll. good for holding lipstick or change.

Meet Snickers our new Labradoodle

meet Snickers, an adorable labradoodle!

Sending you puppy kisses!

Heartwarming print of golden retriever and her pups in front of a cozy fireplace

A wish comes true

Print of children building a snowman by award winning artist Robert Duncan

Introducing the Nap Wrap!

Special design allows you to wear it over your shoulders like a wrap, allowing you to move freely while keeping warm.
The grownup alternative to a snuggie!

Let it snow!……..Oh Please, let it snow!

Snowflake teapot set will make a great gift and sacrifice to the Gods of snow.

Gift of the Day

Take the time to remember teachers everywhere. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. This useful Bistro towel reflects the sentiments of the day and is sure to bring a a little bit of joy to your favorite teacher. 100% cotton, machine washable, just $7.99.

Winter Worshippers enter here!

elegant snowball wreath and elegant way to worship winter.

Bruce Candles

Bruca Candles are available online at and at Tangled Twigs