Let there be light!

I was once in a lovely, softly lit room that was so peaceful I just wanted to stay there forever. My friend, Laurie, a fabulous decorator, designed the room – I asked her for some tips that anyone could use to create their own peaceful space and she shared this: “Don’t be afraid to use lighting, have lot’s of lamps at all different heights, so that your eye travels around the room dimensionally. A chandelier (or two) can be used in almost every room (I have one in my bathroom, as well as a gazebo in my garden). Lamps are probably one of the most important “finishing touches” for your home.”


Regal Gilded Gold Buffet Lamp

This oversize buffet lamp is a statement piece.

The embroidered silk shade harkens back to the 1920s with a modern twist. The guilded base is 39″ tall with 8/8×12/12×12 blue¬† silk shade embellished with green embroidery. The colors remind me of a dragonflies wings.

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