open house wed., oct 8 from 4 -7 pm

What a Fragrance…

Don’t you love to walk into a room and be enveloped in a fresh fragrance.  At Tangled Twigs we try to help you with this sensation.  Currently we are carrying 15 hour votive candles and potpourri in the scent of orange/vanilla.  This chunky potpourri mixture is a beautiful blend of orange slices, cinnamon sticks and […]

Summertime in Ellicottville

When you think of western New York, snow and cold probably come to mind.  Those of us who live in Ellicottville will let you in on a secret…summertime is wonderful!!  The mountains are lush and green and the sun shines.  Whether you are longing for a quiet getaway, feeling like a day trip or planning […]

What Time Is It?

We all need to know the time of day. Why not make your timepiece a conversation piece.

Eek, a Mouse!

You can tuck this mouse just about anywhere!

Useful Ants

These are ants you’ll be happy to see!

Afraid of a Square Scarf…

You probably know how to wear an oblong scarf, but square…what do you do with that much material?

Stop Thief!

By Sunday morning we were cleaned out. High Crime in a small town!

Go Green with a Strawberry Reusable Shopping Bag

The recyclable shopping bags that you will actually use!!